Frequently Asked Questions

Cancel My Membership

Cancel through

1: Sign into your account

2: Click on the Account link found in your menu

3: Under Memberships STATUS, select Cancel

4: Confirm

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Streaming Problems

1: Test your download internet speed.

2: Adjust the video quality to a lower resolution


Q: What is the difference between PPV for Monthly Memberships and Pay Per View Exclusive?

A: PPV for Monthly Memberships and Pay Per View Exclusive are two distinct types of events offered on

1. PPV for Monthly Memberships:

Content Production: These events are filmed and produced by the Kombatants team.

Availability: They are often included as bonus content for subscribers of our monthly membership plans.

Access: Monthly members can access these PPV events as part of their subscription, without any additional cost, unless otherwise specified.

Purpose: These events are provided to enhance the value of the monthly membership and offer additional entertainment to our subscribers.

2. Pay Per View Exclusive:

Content Production: These events are organized and filmed by external promoters who have partnered with Kombatants.

Availability: Pay Per View Exclusive events are not included in the monthly membership and must be purchased separately by all users.

Access: These events require a one-time payment to view, and the pricing is determined by the promoter.

Purpose: Promoters use’s platform and payment gateway to broadcast their events and collect payments on their behalf. This allows them to reach a wider audience while leveraging our infrastructure and expertise.

Transition to Membership Service: Pay Per View Exclusive events are usually transferred to the membership service within two to four weeks, unless the promoter has released a copy for streaming on other platforms outside of, or upon the promoter’s request.

By differentiating these two types of Pay Per View events, we aim to provide clarity on what our subscribers and customers can expect in terms of content access and payment.

Monthly membership PPV events are added perks for our loyal subscribers, while Pay Per View Exclusive events are premium, standalone broadcasts offered by third-party promoters that eventually become available to our members.